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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.30 No.4 pp.249-286

”Functional Phase Analysis in the Apology Conversation Comparing Native Korean Speakers and Native Vietnamese Korean Learners“.

Hajin Cho
Ph.D. student, Department of Korean Language and Literature, Chonman National University


In this paper analyzed the features of how native Korean speakers (K) and native Vietnamese Korean learners (VKL) organize the Apology conversation, focusing on the functional phase. Based on the discourse analysis, a role play was conducted to collect data. In order to investigate the influence of social variables (social status, intimacy), learners' mother tongues and learners' Korean proficiency, different social variables were given in role-play situations, and learners' Korean proficiency was limited to intermediate and advanced levels. The results of analyzing conversations focusing on ‘Error Checking–Apology-Apology Acceptance’, which is the intermediate phase of Apology conversation, are as follows. First, in the Error Checking Phase, K tended to make indirect or preliminary remarks. In contrast, VKL immediately presented communication purposes, and advanced VKL tended to use indirect speech and additional statement. Second, in the Apology phase, the higher social status the other party has and the lower intimacy the two speakers has, the more passive K were. Interestingly, VKL showed the same pattern. For intermediate-level VKL, it was observed that the dialogue sequences were not completed. Third, in the Apology Acceptance phase, K repeatedly expressed apologies through complex dialogue sequences. However, VKL performed a concise conversation by simple dialogue sequences, and the intermediate-level VKL expressed ‘relief’ and ‘gratitude’.

한국어 모어 화자와 베트남 한국어 학습자의 사과 대화 기능 단계 분석




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