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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.21 No.3 pp.221-247

영어 통신언어의 표기 특성과 한국어 통신언어와의 의사소통 전략의 차이*

이 진 성

Writing Practice of English Chatting Language and its Different Communication Strategies from That of Korean.

Jin-sung Lee


The purpose of this study is to introduce writing practicenof English chatting language, especially focusing on that of text messages. Itnalso discusses different communication strategies of English chatting languagenfrom that of Korean. The two characteristic features of text message writingnare presented as a violation of conventional writing practice and various mannersnof shorthand writings. As for shorthand writings, initialisms, vowel omission,nclippings, ideograms, pictograms, and phonetic spellings are dealt, together withntheir functional perspectives. The communication strategies of English chattingnlanguage were found to be reflected only on various shorthand writing practicenwhich depicts the degree of formality but manifests lack of articulating detailednemotion or conversational keys. The communication strategies of Korean chattingnlanguage, on the other hand, were found to be able to demonstrate variousnconversational keys with the help of novel inflectional mutation, shortening,nsyllable extension, consonant addition or with adoption of regional dialects.nWhile English chatting language is associated with positive influence on literacy,nvocabulary, and phonological awareness among children as well as adults,nKorean chatting language seems to have somewhat negative influence on standardnwritten language and orthography. (188 words)


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