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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.21 No.3 pp.181-203

인명에 대한 언어 태도 연구 -고등학생 자녀와 그 부모 세대를 중심으로-

양명희*, 강희숙**, 박동근***
(중앙대학교, 조선대학교, 건국대학교)

A Sociolinguistic Study on the name of Korean and Koreans' language attitudes toward the name: Focused on teenage high school students and their parents.

Huisuk Kang, Yang Myung-hee, Park Dong-geun.


This paper aims to compare the characteristics of namenand language attitudes towards name of teenage high school students and theirnparents. This thesis carried out a nationwide survey and as a result drew outnseveral important conclusions. First, the percentage of Sino-Korean name wasnthe highest; the rate of the native name of teenage high school students is twontimes higher than that of their parents, and more male students had Sino-Koreannname than female students. Second, the percentage of parents taking part innthe naming process was 60% in parents generation, whereas the percentage ofnparents and grandparents respectively taking part in the naming process werensimilar in teenage high school students. This result indicates that grandparentsnbecame to play a bigger role in the naming process due to their socio-economicnstatus. Third, the percentage of using the generation character(hangryeol)ndecreased in teenage high school students, indicating that people are not boundnto traditions. Fourth, the rate of female parent who were unsatisfied with theirnnames was the highest. It suggests that there was a social preference of a sonnto a daughter. Fifth, the parents replied that the most desirable namer is father,nfollowed by naming specialist, and students replied father followed byngrandparents. Sixth, the number of students who answered that fetus namesnare necessary was two times bigger than their parents, and it seems likely thatnfetus names will be popular in the future as well. Hereafter, by carrying outnnationwide surveys of different age groups(their late teens and 40's or 50's),nthis paper intends to study how the characteristics of Korean name and Koreans' language attitudes towards it changed through different age groups. (279 word)


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