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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.21 No.3 pp.1-24

문화상호주의 기반 언어 정책 접근 방식에 관한 고찰*
-국외 한국어 교육 지원 사업을 중심으로-

강미영**, 이보라미***

A Study on the Strategy of Approach for Language Policy from the Perspective of Interculturalism: Focus on the Projects of Korean Language Spread Policy Overseas.

Bolami Lee, Kang Mi-young


The purpose of this paper is to consider possible strategies fornspreading the Korean Language overseas based on ‘Interculturalism’. Firstly, thisnpaper tries to determine the meaning of Language policy based onn‘Interculturalism’ by discussing several philosophical theories on interculturalnrelationships: Cultural pluralism, Multiculturalism, Intercultural (Education) andnCultural relativism among others. From these theories, this paper elicits two basicnpremises into the strategy for realization of interculturalism: (1) interaction basednon the equal rights and (2) recognition of the unique and inherent value ofnindividual culture. These premises can be enforced by maximizing free choicenvolition of recipient of the culture (including Korean as a foreign language ornsecond language). This paper expects a mature Korean language spread policynbased on interculturalism - which prefers intercultural relationship to educationnefficiency - to King Sejong Institute and Nuri-King Sejong Institute which arenwell known as an offline and online institution respectively, for teaching andnpromoting Korean language and culture to people who want to learn Koreannas a foreign language or second language. (172 words)



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