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ISSN : 1226-4822(Print)
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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.25 No.4 pp.1-29

The Study on the Change of Linguistic Identity and Code-switching of Korean-Chinese in China

Park, Kyeong-Rae


The purpose of this study is to investigate change in linguistic identity and language use of Korean Chinese. This study also aims to demonstrate that Korean Chinese are preserving both their identity as Korean and the language. All data were collected by field study which revealed Korean Chinese had high ability of Korean language use. However, considerable differences among the generations were shown. Teenagers showed less fluency of Korean compared to older generation. And Korean Chinese from highly populated with Korean Chinese region spoke Korean as their first language and showed more fluency while those from other region in China mostly spoke Chinese as their first language and spoke Korean less fluently. It is also noticeable that code-switching and code-mixing are prominent in the language use of Korean Chinese, especially among male middle school students. They showed code switching more markedly suggesting their language transition to Chinese. Therefore, further study on detailed examples of code-switching and code-mixing is required.

중국 조선족의 언어 정체성 변화 양상과 언어 전환