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ISSN : 1226-4822(Print)
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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.25 No.4 pp.61-85

‘Orangkae’ as an Ethnonym and ‘Orangkae’ as a Jacques Bonhomme

Yeon, Ho-tak


From an ethno-linguistic perspective, this paper aims at revealing that the Korean word ‘Orangkae’, which seems to have been used as a Jacques Bonhomme, is an ethnonym in itself meaning a reindeer herder. Furthermore, this paper is concerned with how the simple ethnonym of Orangkae has come to function as a generic term denoting every phase of barbarians. The nomadic hunter-gatherers, moving from campsite to campsite, following game and collecting wild fruits and vegetation, tend to use the names of their totem animals as their ethnonyms containing endonyms and exonyms. This paper also deals with the psychological attitude of the so-called civilized people with a sedentary lifestyle toward the nomadic tribes living in situations of bitter snow and severe cold in such places as the Steppes, the Siberian taiga and even tundra, and to find out some disparaging terms similar to Orangkae used to humble gentiles to the dust.

種族名으로서의 ‘오랑캐’와 蔑稱으로서의 ‘오랑캐’

가톨릭 관동대