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ISSN : 1226-4822(Print)
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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.25 No.4 pp.185-210

Cross-Usage Patterns of English Coordinators and Connective Adverbials in Korean EFL Learner's Academic Essays

Pyo Si Yeon


The present study explored usage patterns of English coordinating conjunctions(CCs) in Korean EFL learners' and native English speakers' written corpus. Focusing on the morpho-syntactic use and cohesive functions of and, but, or and so as focal examples in academic prose, both quantitative and qualitative analyses were employed. Findings from the quantitative analysis of the opinion essays showed that both groups used and most frequently, which is used mostly in word/phrase levels rather than in clause levels. On the other hand, so is especially used as a clause-level CC. Because or and and used most frequently in word/phrase levels are recognized easily as CCs, they rarely appear in a sentence-initial position. By contrast, so and but used more often in a clause level appear in a sentence-initial position more frequently, which may lead L2 learners to confuse CCs with connective adverbials(CAs). Based on the Subset Principle, it may be interpreted that morpho-syntactic properties on CAs in Korean transfer to those on English CCs due to the morpho-lexical difference of CCs between the two languages. However, this study reveals that the L1 transfer seems to gradually retreat at an intermediate level where L2 learners start to perceive the registers of academic prose.

한국 EFL 학습자의 학문적 글쓰기에서 나타난 영어 등위접속사의 사용 양상