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ISSN : 1226-4822(Print)
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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.26 No.1 pp.135-158

A Study on the Language Attitude through the Use of Head Copies in Yanbian Area

Liang Bin


The purpose of this article is to study the language attitudes toward Yanbian, Korean, and Chinese through the use of head - copy language in the Yanbian area. The Yanbian bilingual speaker mixes the dialects of North Hamgyong, Korean, and Chinese. In order to analyze the use of language in the Yanbian area, it is necessary to accurately understand the language attitudes of Yanbian, Korean, and Chinese. ‘Language attitude’ is not only the evaluation and response of a speaker to a specific language, but a concrete action. The research on the language use patterns of the bilingual speakers in the Yanbian area can analyze the language attitudes for each language. Advertising language includes not only the function of information transmission but also cultural awareness of society. The attitude of language, which is one of the human consciousness forms, is also included in the advertising language and the attitude of language can be analyzed through the use of advertising language. In this paper, I will proceed with the SPSS chi-square test based on the usage of the head copy in the Yanbian area. If there is statistical significance, I will describe what kind of language attitude is displayed for each language.

연변 지역의 헤드카피 언어 사용에 반영된 언어태도 연구