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ISSN : 1226-4822(Print)
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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.26 No.3 pp.31-64

Terminological Implantation as a Method of Language Policy Evaluation: Focused on Quantitative Analysis

Kim Minchai


This paper aims to introduce some methods of terminology planning evaluation in order to establish a systematic and organized evaluation model. Although many countries around the world are currently implementing terminology planning in the midst of the massive influx of foreign words, their evaluation has not been properly conducted. In fact, an evaluation stage is essential to check the results of the planning so far and re-establish it in the future. It is therefore necessary to evaluate the planning in a scientific and rational way. The main notion in terminology planning evaluation is terminological implantation, which covers, 1) the planned and/or spontaneous processes by which a term is effectively and durably used in the language usage of the speakers and 2) the results of these processes. The terminological implantation can be measured by quantitative and qualitative ways. This paper employs a quantitative approach by using the terminological, which represents the frequency of the use of a term in a relative ratio. It can serve as a basis for a qualitative analysis of terminological implantation by quantifying how frequently a term is used in the language usage compared with other competitive terms.

언어 정책 평가 방법으로서의 용어 정착 : 정량적 분석을 중심으로