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ISSN : 1226-4822(Print)
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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.27 No.1 pp.1-24

Categorizing Intention of Comment Writers through Analyzing Frame of Swearing Comments: Internet News Articles on the Field of Environment

Kim Kyoo-hoon


The purpose of this study is to categorize intention of comment writers by analyzing frame of swearing comments in response to internet news articles. To accomplish this purpose, this study looks into the general trend of the studies regarding swearing comments and finds out the concepts of frame and framing especially useful for the news comments studies. And then, a model for frame analysis and intention categorization about the comments are made. This study particularly focuses on the comments about the internet news articles for “animal welfare” and “climate and weather” and uses the frame of the swearing comments provided by NAVER are analyzed. The findings show that the fame of “family, life respect, social welfare, economic feasibility” is evoked in the animal welfare, and the frame of “hardship of life, regional emotion, weather agency, money loss,” in the climate and weather. This study also shows the intention category of comment writers, “blame, disgust, curse, grumble, ridicule,” grounded in respective frame analysis.

욕설 댓글의 틀(frame) 분석을 통한 댓글 사용자의 의도성 범주화 : 환경(environment) 분야 기사를 대상으로