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ISSN : 1226-4822(Print)
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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.28 No.4 pp.155-189

Communication Issues and Language Human Rights of Refugee at airports

Juhee, Lee
연세대학교 국어국문학과


There have been numerous refugee-related studies in linguistics following a large inflow of refugees to South Korea over the past several years. However, many studies address refugees in terms of Korean language education, and little has been discussed on the actual language use of refugees or linguistic issues they experience in South Korea. Linguistic research regarding refugees must be conducted not only with regard to Korean language education but also in terms of observing and interpreting the actual language use of and social issues experienced by refugees. In this respect, this study notes the issues faced by refugees moving to South Korea without knowledge of the Korean language. Specifically, it addresses communication issues arising within the limited space of the airport entry and departure port. To this end, two Arabic speakers applying for refugee recognition at the airport entry and departure port were interviewed. As such, procedures that must be taken at the entry and departure port between exiting the airplane and entering South Korea were reconstructed from an insider's perspective, and communication issues occurring throughout each procedure were reviewed. Subsequently, suggestions were made to ensure the language human rights of refugees at airports.

공항난민의 의사소통 문제와 언어 인권

연세대학교 국어국문학과