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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.30 No.4 pp.287-323

“A Study of Language Attitude of Overseas Koreans in Brazil”.

Jiyoon Hwang
Ph.D.(Integrated Master-Doctoral course), College of Humanities, Kyungpook National University


This paper presents on overview of variations of languages attitudes across generations of Korean Brazilians. For this study I surveyed a total 60 Koreans living in Bom Retiro and in Piracicaba. The surveys and interviews were divided into the following four categories: Korean language usage, Determinants of language choice, Unconscious language attitude and Impression about language. As a result, it was confirmed that as the generations passed, the identity gradually changed in favor of the country of residence. However, it was found that the 1.5 generation had a more positive image of Brazilian Portuguese than the second generation. However, it can be seen that all generations have a more positive image of Korean than Brazilian Portuguese. In addition, the second generation Korean Brazilians were twice as likely to feel both Brazilian and Korean as those who only feel Brazilian. Thus, it can be seen that there are still many overseas Koreans in Brazil who maintain their identity of Koreans. In this situation, if the educational environment for the next generation of overseas Koreans in Brazil improved, it is expected that the subsequent generations will also be able to maintain their Korean identity and blend it into the identity of their country of residence.

브라질 재외 동포의 언어 태도 연구 : Bom Retiro 및 Piracicaba 거주 동포를 중심으로




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