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The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea Vol.21 No.2 pp.47-70

Discourse Patterns in EFL Classroom Interaction

Eon-jo Kim
Dankook University
Received: 5. 30. 2013 Revised: 8. 6. 2013 Accepted: 7. 31. 2013


The main purpose of this paper is to identify typical discourse patterns of EFL classes and to enhance the sensitivity of the complex socio-cultural aspects involved in discourse patterns. This study assumed that language learning is a process of competent participation in socio-cultural language practices. The data were collected from four groups of two courses (General English and Screen English) to compare the ways teachers and students perform discourse patterns. The collected data were analyzed focusing on multi-dimensional approaches in interaction formulas: IRF (Initiation-Response-Feedback), ICs (Instructional Conversations), MP (Modeling - Practicing), CEQR (Comment - Elaborative Questioning -Response), CCF (Conversation-Corrective Feedback), CMIR (Contingency Management Instruction-Response), OEQA (Open Ended Questioning -Answering), QEC (Question-Explaining Conversation) ACNB (Any Cases Not Belonging). Data analysis from various sources (scripts of video-recordings, frequency counts, and interviews) indicated that to some extent the discourse patterns were different due to the course type and its objectives. The result indicated that the teachers and students changed their discourse patterns depending on the course types. Such choice of discourse patterns of contingent interaction is related to various topics to be dealt with in the particular course. (200)



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